10 Tips for Smart Christmas Spending

As Christmas draws closer, having to spend money on gifts for family and friends becomes a reality. Consider these 10 smart spending tips to keep you sane and debt free this Christmas season.

  1. Set a budget and track your spending

    Keeping a log will ensure that you spend what you intended.

  2. Make a list…

    Of people to buy for, gifts you want for each of them as well as your festive season food and drinks.

  3. Pay cash

    Avoid using credit cards. It’s convenient now, but may leave you saddled with debt way into 2019. When the cash is up, it’s up.

  4. Arrange to set a gift spending limit

    Get your family and friends on board to set a spending limit. This way you aren’t tempted to out-do anyone.

  5. Balance the gifts for your children

    Consider buying something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read.

  6. Follow social media specials

    Check out exclusive deals and discounts companies offer to their followers. Search their recent posts for money-saving bargains.

  7. Shop out of normal shopping hours

    It’s often more peaceful away from the frenzy.

  8. Shop alone

    That way you won’t be influenced by another person’s opinion.

  9. Consider giving redeemable vouchers or gift cards

    Tickets to a show, a membership to something of interest, or lessons for something fun!

  10. Do your shopping in small batches

    Shopping marathons often lead to overspending.

Do you have any smart spending tips? Comment and let us know.