Ants, paint, furniture and depleted savings – The disillusionment of moving house

In the first week that Lethabo and Jane started looking at houses for sale, they found the house of their dreams: roomy, with a large garden for their children to play, a patio with a boma for braai’s with friends, a practical kitchen and enough cupboard space to solve the storage problems they had been plagued with in the little townhouse they had been renting. After viewing the house online, they met the agent that weekend to view the house and were smitten. Everything seemed to fall in place with their loan application and they were able to sign an offer to purchase within a week.

However, they were not without concerns – when they went to view the house, one of the things they noticed was the ant problem, as well as the overgrown garden. These problems, however, seemed minor, and the purchase agreement stated that the sellers would treat the ant problem and provide them with a certificate from a reliable pest control service.

All went well with the move, and soon Lethabo and Jane were unpacking their belongings in their newly painted house. Unfortunately, the painters had taken days longer than anticipated, and were forced to paint multiple layers because the previous paint colour kept appearing through the layers of bright new paint. In the end, the painters and the paint had cost them a lot more than anticipated, but they weren’t worried yet. The rest of the house was in a good condition, they were sure.

They had carefully saved and budgeted for their move and painting the house. They could just about squeeze in the last painting expenses without too much effort. However, as they enjoyed arranging their household possessions and revelled in the ample storage space that the numerous built-in closets afforded them, they were confronted with another problem: the ants were not gone. Quite the opposite – they seemed to be taking over the back garden with quiet determination.

Lethabo and Jane soon found out that the sellers had only had the front garden (where the worst infestation had been ) treated with pesticide. The ants obligingly packed up and moved their operations to the back garden and the house, where they grew and flourished at an alarming rate. The agent contacted the sellers, who were adamant that they had done as much as could be expected. Sadly, Jane and Lethabo decided that is just was not worth it to spend their hard-earned money on legal expenses. So they got a reliable pest control service out to get the ants exterminated once and for all.

One of the fun things about moving in to a new neighbourhood is meeting your neighbours and being friendly, finding out if there are any community groups or street braais. Unfortunately, here is where things really started going downhill for Jane and Lethabo’s budget. Some of the neighbours, sincere in their beliefs that ‘forewarned is forearmed’, painstakingly told them all about every incident of criminal activity in their street in the past couple of years. While neither Jane nor Lethabo were particularly nervous people, they wanted to be able to sleep peacefully at night and leave their house during the day without being constantly worried, and from what the neighbours had told them, there was certainly cause for concern. Lethabo started spending all his spare time researching security companies and alarm systems, and soon, they had to dig into their savings in order to install an alarm system and rearrange their budget to squeeze in the payment to the security company. They also wanted to install security cameras and perhaps an electrical fence. Unfortunately, that would have to wait until they could afford it.

Over the weekends, Lethabo and Jane were enjoying working together in their large garden, getting it ready for the summer using the gardening tools and lawn mower they had saved for and purchased on sale in anticipation of their move. However, it wasn’t long before they realized that they were going to need some help. The garden that had at first just seemed a bit over grown, was actually more like a jungle, and there were multiple trees in need of extensive pruning as well as ever growing piles of garden refuse. Some of the trees were just huge. It would be dangerous for an amateur to attempt to prune some of the large branches that were blocking light from coming into the house. A friendly neighbour recommended a trustworthy tree feller who also removed garden refuse. One Saturday morning he came by to give Jane and Lethabo a quote. Of course at this point, all the breathing room they had tried to work into their budget was starting to become a distant memory, and the quote they received wasn’t very reassuring.

Jane and Lethabo were starting to realise that their new property was going to end up costing them a lot more money than they had originally anticipated. Not only that, but their dreams of socialising with friends and family in their new home were far from becoming a reality. Their furniture, which had been lovely in their little townhouse, was not quite adequate for entertaining lots of guests in their spacious new house and they had no patio furniture.

All in all, things were not quite what they had expected, and although they were still pleased with their house, a little sense of disillusionment had started to creep in. They were going to have to find a new approach in order to continue to make their new home into the place of their dreams, and it was probably going to take a little longer than they had originally anticipated.

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Written by:

Jeanne-Marie Van Heerden (Freelance copy writer)