About Us

How do you know whether you got the best interest rate for a loan? All of us at FinHound have wondered about this before. We here at FinHound understand the frustration of going from bank to bank to apply for a loan.

FinHound is the brainchild of three guys and a girl from South Africa, wanting to help you with this challenge. We created a reliable, trustworthy and easy to use web application to select tailor-made offers across a range of financial providers. The best part of our solution is, you only do it once and FinHound does the rest.

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Personal Loans

FinHound can be used for personal loans including but not limited to loans for weddings, holidays, home improvements, education, furniture, fertility treatments, adoptions, all those pesky unforeseen costs, even funerals.

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Business Loans

On the other hand, FinHound can help you find finance for your business needs whether in the form of a start-up loan, capital injection, working capital, expansion, innovation and technology.

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Why Choose FinHound?

You do life, while FinHound is constantly on the scent of bigger and better finance deals to assist you in achieving your dreams.  FinHound has been trained to take your individual requirements and hunt down finance deals to meet your specific requirements.

The services provided by FinHound are free of charge. How you may ask? FinHound’s purpose is to connect consumers and businesses with relevant finance providers and products that match the individual needs.

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