Highlighting Home Contents Insurance

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A house is so much more than walls and a roof, it’s made up of memories; floor to ceiling displays of your style, your family history and the things that make every day special.  You look forward to returning home after a long and busy day to embrace the comforts of your living space, but if your house burnt down today, would you be able to afford replacing all the contents of your home?

That’s what home contents insurance is for!

Highlighting Home Contents Insurance

You need coverage against the loss of any in-home property due to damage, theft or loss.  It is wise to compile a list of all your household items and their possible replacement value to ensure that when requesting a quote from an insurance broker, you will have the proper coverage to replace these items.

What should I look for in a Home Contents Insurance policy?

  • Look for an insurance broker that offers you affordable premiums with a low flat excess.
  • Look at their online reviews and Facebook comment threads to determine how good their customer service is.
  • You need a hassle-free claims process that is handled quickly and efficiently.
  • Your insurance provider should provide an option for alternative accommodation should your home be unfit to stay in following an incident.
  • Ask if the insurance provider offers coverage for items within outbuildings on the property, whether they are separate from the home or not.
  • Ask whether the insurance provider provides insurance for renting. When renting, your landlord’s insurance doesn’t cover you for any stolen or damaged personal items.  A good Home Contents Insurance ensures that as a renter you can claim for theft or accidental damage to the contents of your home as well as the amounts payable to your landlord in the event of accidental damage to the rented building.
  • Determine whether the insurance provider offers additional insurance cover such as extended theft cover, cover for loss due to power surges and dips, extended cover for your garden and leisure equipment and additional risks imposed on your home when it is left unoccupied during holidays or business trips.

Find a Home Contents Insurance provider that not only gives you peace of mind but ensures that your quote is customised to your exact needs.

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